For Photographers : New CM Film Art Presets

Hiya! I haven’t done anything “for photographers” in quite awhile – I believe the last one I did was with baby Ella this spring – a post processing glimpse. I’m not the go-to source on editing by any means, but I wanted to share a before and after of a recent image with the new Clickin Moms CM Film Art Presets (<—Click for more info!). My set is for Lightroom but they also have them for ACR. I have never used presets before in Lightroom but I’ve seen so many wonderful photographers on the CM forum using them and showing them off – I just had to have them! And lucky me…I got them on sale yesterday for Black Friday :-) This particular image was taken just this morning – this is 10-day old Alivia. I used a 105 f/2.8 macro (on my D700) for this image – I loved the drool hanging from her mouth! With this image I simply imported to LR, went to Lens Correction and then “Enable Lens Profile” & then I hit the Citrine preset. Done! I went ahead and took this into Photoshop to get a pure RAW shot (no edits just a sharpening for the web), then with the lens correction, then with the preset, and finally I did a little blemish removing and slight skin smoothing on Alivia’s face. Voila! I just wanted to give a shout out to the incredible women over at Clickin Moms and thank them for such a great set of tools! These are fabulous and I hope to not spend the whole day playing with them, but you just never know… :-) Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I know I did but I’m sure glad to be home from all the running around we did.


Meet Alivia. This is the final image & below it I have the process I used with the new CM Film Art Presets.


The image below is RAW, no edits.

For the image below, I used lens correction – enable lens profile.

The image below is with the Citrine Preset.

The final image has a tiny bit of blemish clearing and skin softening on the cheekies :-)

I hope this might help anyone who is on the fence about these presets or maybe hasn’t even heard of them. I literally just downloaded them maybe 45 minutes ago? LOL – I couldn’t wait to play!! They are easy to import into Lightroom and easy to tweak as well. This particular preset wasn’t tweaked – I liked it ‘as is’. But I have a few more I’ve played with and tweaked to my liking a bit. And again – I’m not an expert on post-processing – I just do my thing and maybe it can help someone :-)

♥ ~Rach


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