Peoria IL newborn photographer | The clients who asked for artsy bokeh

In the pre-session client questionnaire I ask what you’d like to see in your images – and I about peed when I saw the words “artsy bokeh”. I’ve never had a client mention the word bokeh! I was so stoked! “Yes!”, I thought! Turns out that Sarah & Jason are professors in a liberal arts college. They are awesome. Jason is a super nice, funny guy.  Sarah hand painted a wall in their home that looks so intricate I just assumed it was wallpaper. She decorated their home – and it’s so peaceful & artsy. !

You’ll see by the plethora of images following this spiel – but this is one of my favorite sessions to date. Before we had a newborn session though, we had a maternity session.  It was really nice to get to know Sarah & Jason before they had their baby;  it helped me tailor the newborn session a bit more. I saw that Jason is kind of a goofball & does so great at making his wife, Sarah, laugh. He did the “Chandler face” (from the show Friends? Remember?)  a few times! He even saw me get so excited that I jumped up & down while I laughed……embarrassing! But….yeah. With me you’ll have that :)

I never blogged the maternity, so here are a few images from that session :)


Now…on to baby Isaac. Sarah & Jason told me during our newborn session that he was named Isaac Luke because it means ‘laughter & light’. I thought that was beautiful. Heck, I named my daughter Lauren Leigh because I loved how it looked when I wrote it on paper :) So this is much more meaningful.

Our session was just super relaxed & peaceful – Isaac is a boob man, he really likes to eat. Did I just say that?! Yes. He ate quite a bit during the session and it kept him very happy & very sleepy. I loved taking his picture when he’d just eaten, because he literally looked like the happiest little person on the planet. Very fulfilled.

Check him out & welcome Isaac to this big, big world. (PS, I made a slideshow you can find here – super cute!)

He had just finished a quick snack :)

Had another bite to eat here…happy baby.

Adore this. They are so connected & so excited about this baby – I just love that they held hands :)

Newborn sessions are pretty peaceful, I’ll have to give him that. Poor, tired new parents!

Being originally from Texas, dad was so happy to get those Hook’em Horns.

It was my absolute honor to work with you two (three!) – and I would be so happy to do it again and again!

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